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Cuba Incentive Events

I am the British founder and Managing Director of Caribbean Select Travel Ltd which is the holding company of Cuba Incentive Events. I live in Cuba and manager our Havana office together with a team of Cuba travel professionals.

We are approved and licensed by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism and Cuban Chamber of Commerce and have been providing successful events in Cuba for over 11 years catering to multi-national companies from around the world.

The company grew from my passion for the places I visited in Cuba and the people I grew to love and my aim is to continue this passion by being as socially and environmentally responsible as possible towards the country. I feel strongly that, wherever possible, we should directly benefit the communities we visit through sustainable travel, environmental protection and supporting social projects, without sacrificing the comfort or enjoyment of your trip.

We realize the need to provide fast and detailed proposals and quotations with all the ingredients of a ‘wow’ event and added-value to be successful in fulfilling the requirements of your brief. Our staff will liaise with you throughout the pre-event preparations, be present at a site inspection to fine tune all aspects of the program and also be available to manage the event with full support from our DMC staff. Need help with formulating a proposal for a Cuba C & I event? Just email us as we will be happy to assist you and send you a detailed and a fast response.

Please send us your brief to include the groups profile, proposed dates, rooming requirements, budget and our events staff will work with you to prepare a proposal for you.

I hope that we can be of service to you and make your event a memorable experience.

Joe Prem

Managing Director


                                                                                                         Our office in San Francisco Plaza

Responsible Tourism

We have a firm commitment to the principles of responsible travel, especially minimising the environmental and social impact of travel, and strive to ensure that a visit from a traveler has a positive effect on the destination. We are supporters of an ethical, caring world in the future success of the travel industry.